Sunday, August 21, 2011

Varsity Volleyball Journal #1: First Game of the Season

Today we had our last first game in Brent Subic ...
It was the seniors last chance to make a first good impression.

And we did it!
We won our first game of the season! :)

Before the game the seniors gathered together and the three of us,
arms around each other jumped in a cirle getting pumped and excited for the game.

Going onto the court, all I was thinking about was just to try my best and do the best that I could. I had not even thought about WINNING the game!

When first stepping onto the court I felt a little nervous at first but then I tried to channel all my eustress into the game. We all worked hard, continued without giving up and won the game.
We had a great setter who was able to set the volleyball to me for a good hit. There were times when i wasn't in the right position to hit, but after a few mistakes, I learned to simply hand pass or tip the ball over.

Over the past few weeks, 12 girls and myself, have practiced every afternoon in the gym with our coaches, Mr. Higgins and Mr. Wilcox. And even though our skills were much more better compared to last year, we had so much to improve and polish. But this is definitely a great start!

Extremely excited for this volleyball season! 
fel 8/21/2011

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  1. Hey Fel,

    It has been a very busy season for us all and I know the team has been going through a lot of growing pains. I'm looking forward to reading about your thoughts on this and the other developments that have come up since this first game. ;-)